“Neuroscience research shows that the only way we can change the way we feel is by becoming aware of our inner experience and learning to befriend what is going inside ourselves.” 

-Besser Van Der Kolk, M.D.

How to partner on your healing



This continued partnership is for anyone seeking significant change in their life. With regular healing sessions continuously drawing you deeper into the work, you will receive the consistent support, regeneration, and transformation needed for your healing journey.

  • $175/session

  • weekly one-on-one healing sessions

  • access to guided meditations, personalized recommendations, and ongoing support



For anyone seeking healing around a specific issue, this partnership offers you a period of focused care and a container for deep and lasting healing to take place. 

  • $195/session

  • weekly one-on-one healing sessions

  • access to guided meditations, personalized recommendations, and ongoing support

Package of 5

A package of 5 sessions can be used for periodic tune-ups and energy resets or to give dedicated care and support to a particular area of focus when weekly sessions are not called for. Use this to create whatever healing container most speaks to your heart.

  • $225/session

  • healings scheduled as-needed

Spiritual Healing Session​s
{Reiki + Family Constellations}

This hands-on treatment blends the calm, balancing energy of Reiki with the deeper, more transformative power of Spiritual healing to bring profound integration and regeneration through all levels of the body: physical, emotional, and spiritual. 

In each session, we peel back the layers of pain and disconnection that have been pulling you out of alignment with yourself--processing old wounds and stored trauma so that it may find integration and release. As we unwind the ties of these stuck energies, healing and relief move through all levels of the body.


This inner work is carried out on the deeper levels of the body while the client lies fully clothed on a massage table or from the comfort of their home for distance sessions. Nothing is required on your end but a willingness to receive and an openness to what comes. 

Sessions last approximately 60-75 minutes and are available in person in Los Angeles or from a distance anywhere in the world.  

"During the session, I felt like I was being seen through - witnessed in a way that allowed me to blossom into my truth. I was able to reclaim a part of myself that had been relegated to the shadows, and as the session proceeded, I could feel the harmony within me unfold as this repressed aspect was being integrated back into consciousness." -Ning T. 

What a session looks like:

Intention Setting

We begin each session with a short conversation to get clear on your intentions for healing and any areas of focus.

Spiritual Healing

During this main portion of the session, you simply lie down, relax, and receive while I connect intuitively to call forward your healing and regeneration.

Insight Sharing

After the healing, I share any insights around what was released during the session, including stuck emotions, family dynamics, or areas of contracted energy.

Personalized Support


After each session, you will receive a personalized plan of care, including takeaways from your session and practices for continued growth, integration, and self-care.

Ready to begin your healing journey?