• Maggie Gold

Are You Allowing Time for Rest?

For many of us, we’ve been conditioned to believe that hard work is the key to success. And while this can be true in many ways, what we often leave out of the equation is the fact that for our hard work to be productive, it must be balanced by periods of real and meaningful rest.

As human beings, we are cyclical by nature. We move in rhythms and seasons. And just as every inhale requires an exhale, every period of exertion must be followed by one of rest and renewal.

With a hyper-focus on productivity, we tend to view rest as not doing anything. But whether you’re talking about career, exercise, or even personal development, rest is an essential part of any meaningful movement forward. It allows us time for integration and regeneration and prepares the system for its next major effort.  

Just think how much more work it takes to do something when you’re tired and depleted versus doing the same task when feeling energized and ready for action. This is the beauty of rest. Not only does it offer us a respite from the exertion of hard work, it also fuels us with the energy needed to make that work more productive and successful when we return to it.

So go ahead and give yourself permission to enjoy some rest! And trust that this period of renewal is not so much a break from your efforts as it is a key component to their ultimate success.

To explore this idea further, try asking yourself the following questions:

  • When was the last time you really allowed yourself to rest?

  • What do you notice when you find yourself going too long without rest? How does this affect your body, mood, behavior, or output?

  • What’s something you enjoy doing but don’t give yourself permission to because it doesn’t feel “productive?”

  • What is one way you can give yourself permission to rest today?

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