• Maggie Gold

Authenticity Is Your Gift

True authenticity is not only a your gift to yourself, it’s your gift to the world.

It is only from that place of deep authenticity that we are able to make our greatest offerings to the world—our creativity, our truth and our presence.

What’s more, our authenticity has the power to inspire a similar freedom in all those we meet. When we step into life unafraid and unabashedly ourselves, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same, freeing each other from the bonds of expectation and releasing a tidal wave of authenticity into the world.

While in many ways, this can feel like a vulnerable and intimidating concept, it can be approached gently and gradually. Rather than feeling like you need to rip the masks off all at once, instead start by just noticing what they are and why you wear them.

The more we become familiar with where we hold fear and the specific ways it presents itself in our lives, the weaker its grip becomes. Our fears feed off of the unconscious, and every time we bring them into the light, their power over us becomes weaker and weaker.

To deepen your relationship with your own authenticity and the fears that keep you from it, try asking yourself the following questions:

  • What are the people, circumstances, or situations where I feel most authentically myself?

  • What are the people, circumstances, or situations where I have the most difficulty feeling or expressing my authentic self?

  • What is the fear that makes me want to hold back this part of myself?

  • What is one tiny way I could start to bring a more authentic version of myself into my life?

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