• Maggie Gold

Becoming Your Own Guide

Are there areas of your life where you find yourself constantly looking outside of yourself for answers? So often when we are in need of guidance or clarity, our first instinct is to seek the opinions of others—consulting experts, seeking advice from friends and family, or searching for information online.

But all that these sources can ever tell us what tends to be true. If you want to know what is true for you, the greatest source of information you can find is already within.

There is a deeper wisdom that lies inside of us. Some people call this intuition. Some know it as our higher self. It is that part of ourselves that connects us to something greater, and within it is all the wisdom that we need.

Although we might not always recognize it, this intuition is always there. This is why often after receiving a good piece of advice we feel an immediate and visceral “yes!” coming in response from our bodies and minds. The advice lands in our heart and resonates with us on a deep level because somewhere inside of us, we already know it to be true!

Often, these inner knowings lie just beneath the level of conscious awareness, which is why it sometimes takes hearing it from another person for it to really register. But it doesn’t always have to take another person for us to uncover this wisdom. All it requires is a willingness to begin the practice of self-exploration.

Because our intuition speaks to us in whispers, we have to find time to really slow down and tune in. One wonderful way to start this practice is through journaling. Just like hearing our own intuition reflected back to us from a trusted friend, seeing our thoughts crystallized into form on the pages of our journal can help us reflect on them in a more concrete way.

When you begin by writing out the questions you are grappling with and letting any related thoughts pour onto the page, you’ll be surprised at how often the answer unexpectedly comes. As we develop this practice of asking the questions, we are initiating the stream of communication with our intuition in a way that allows us to gradually hear its wisdom more and more clearly.

To tap into your own inner guidance, try grabbing a pen and paper and asking yourself the following questions:

  • Can you recall a time in the past when you ignored your intuition in favor of an outside opinion? What was the feeling that clued you into that intuition? Noticing what your intuition looked like in the past can help you recognize the feeling of it in the present.

  • Where in your current life are you looking outside of yourself for answers or solutions?

  • What do you know in your heart that you need in this situation? It may be certain steps to take, feelings to recognize, or a perspective to incorporate. If you are not sure, you may first try noticing where it registers in your body when you think about this subject. Sit with that for a few moments and then ask yourself “what are these feelings telling me? What do they need?” Give yourself five minutes to free write on the subject and see what comes.

As always, be gentle with yourself and enjoy the journey inward. 

Lots of love,


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