• Maggie Gold

Becoming Your Own Guru

"Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction."


When it comes to the world of spiritual wellness and personal development, you don’t have to look far to find a 5, 8, or 10-step formula for your ultimate happiness, fulfillment, healing…even enlightenment.

As a society, our desire for the clean, the linear, and the rational has caused us to take some of life’s most ineffable mysteries and reduce them to the formulaic.

Of course within these structured offerings you can still find beautiful insights and inspiring perspectives. However the trouble with this way of presenting them is that it sends the message that the answers are “out there” -- when the truth is that everything you need to guide and sustain you is already within.

And is not through process, but through relationship that this wisdom is found. Which is not to say that we have to throw our processes out the window. But when we shift our perspective to view them as a means of exploration rather than a hard and fast way, we take back the authority we have given to the external world and return it to our intuitive selves.

This intuition is what connects us to the deep wellspring of wisdom that is inside of us. It is quiet, it is pure, and it will never lead us astray. While outside sources can shed light on what is generally true, only your own inner knowing can tell you what’s true for you.

Even for those of us who may find it difficult to hear the quiet voice of intuition, it is always there inside, calling to us and guiding us home. Learning to hear its whispers, like any relationship, takes time. But the good news is that it requires no more than your willingness to engage in the process for it to open and bloom through you. By simply asking the questions, you open yourself to receive the answers. Like learning to taste wine, every conscious sip allows you to see with greater and greater clarity what you once thought only experts could discern. 

  • To explore your relationship with your own intuition, try asking yourself the following questions:

  • Where do you tend to turn first when you are in need of guidance or insight? Do you look within or seek outside sources for answers?

  • What beliefs do you hold around your ability to connect to your internal guidance system and use it to discern answers and solutions?

  • What is one small way you can connect to or show trust in your intuition?

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