• Maggie Gold

Connecting to the Flow of Life

There is a perfect flow to creation, and you have your own unique place at the center of it.

This is that magical connection that gives you your deepest desires, inner longings, creative sparks, and moments of brilliance—those things that seem bigger than the human mind alone. It is that deep river of life moving within you that informs your path and guides your spirit.

And when you resist its urges, you are not only resisting yourself, you are resisting all of creation. And doing so takes tremendous amounts of energy.

This resistance can take the form of all the little ways we deny ourselves—ignoring our intuition, rejecting our calling, or hiding our most authentic selves.

Holding yourself back in this way is like trying to plug a dam or swim upstream. It is resisting nature. And it can be one of the most deeply exhausting things we do.

But when you find the courage to let go, to relax into the flow of the universe and trust it to carry you, you are aligning yourself with the power of a extraordinary force. And in doing so, you set free vast reservoirs of energy and often find yourself doing less and accomplishing more. What’s more, you do so in a way that is true to yourself and true to all of creation.

To explore this idea in your own life, try asking yourself the following questions:

  • How do I respond to creative impulse or intuitive desire? Do I follow it or hold it back in favor of the more “practical” things in life?

  • What are the things that make me come alive? How am I making or not making room for these things in my life? 

  • Is there a part of myself that I’m denying or pushing away because it doesn’t fit with what is expected of me? What is one tiny way in which I could nurture this part?

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