• Maggie Gold

Trusting the Process

I very much am a believer that every experience in life is guiding us toward our highest good. Even the most difficult moments bring with them hidden blessings, important lessons, or new perspectives.

Many times this perspective can be a source of tremendous comfort and support. And yet there is also a way in which it can become a source of guilt and frustration when we find ourselves unable to see through the difficulty to find the blessing in a particular situation. We may badly want to step out of our own negativity and relax into a sense of trust that everything in life is happening for us, not to us. But in the intensity of the moment, we simply cannot find the good.

During these times, I find it important to remember that it is almost impossible to see a rainbow until after the storm has passed. Most often, the blessings brought forth through difficult times are only made visible in hindsight.

In the middle of such experiences, you can of course continue to ask empowering questions, like “what is this bringing/teaching/showing me?” or “what may I know of this?” The answers may not be immediately clear, and will often come in time. Yet by simply asking the questions and remaining conscious through whatever frustrations and emotions arise, you move closer and closer to a place of understanding from which you can see the blessings this has brought your way.

To explore how this theme may be unfolding in your own life, try asking yourself the following questions:

  • What is my first reaction when challenges arise?

  • Do I tend to feel like a victim or am I able to hold onto the remembrance that life is always happening for me?

  • Am I always rushing to find the lesson or do I allow myself to simply be with my experience, knowing that it’s deeper meaning will appear over time?

  • Where can I bring a greater sense of trust to my journey, and how does my experience with difficult times change when I do?

As always, be gentle with yourself and enjoy the journey inward. 

Lots of love,


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