• Maggie Gold

What Are Your Dreams Telling You?

Our dreams are powerful messengers. They connect directly into our subconscious and carry back with them powerful indicators of what lives there – the patterns, beliefs, and issues that might not otherwise make it to the level of conscious awareness. What may be pushed down or avoided by our thinking mind is fully accessible in the world of dreaming.

When we take the time to tune into our dreams, we open to their deep wisdom and the messages they bring forth. But of course, these messages are not literal, and learning to understand them takes time. Dreaming is a language all its own, and it speaks to us in images, symbols and metaphors.

To learn to speak this language, begin by noticing what is recurring in your dreams—what people, places, images, and symbols appear time and time again? Then allow yourself the time to sit with these images free from the desire to “figure it out.” Instead, let them speak to you by simply noticing what feelings, emotions, or memories come forth as you allow yourself to be present with them.

Of course, being able to engage with your dreams in this way requires being able to remember them in the first place. If this is something you struggle with, try to recall your full dream immediately upon waking. Do this before even moving your body from the position you woke up in. Then make a habit of writing down whatever you’re able to remember. Often you’ll find that as you do so, more pieces of the dream will come back to you.

Finally, as with all things, the power of intention can be profound. Before falling asleep, try taking a moment to set your intention for what you want from your dreams, whether that be simply to remember them, to receive a particular message, to meet a particular aspect of self, or whatever it is that feels right to you. 

To explore what your dreams are telling you, try asking yourself the following:

  • What are the images that have appeared more than once in my dreams this week? Which of them appears the most vivid or memorable?

  • When I bring this image into my heart and allow myself to be present with it, what are the feelings, emotions, or physical sensations that come up?

  • Are there any particular memories that I find coming to mind in connection to this image?

  • Try dialoguing with the image by asking “what is inside of this?” and then releasing the question and seeing what comes forward.

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